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Mixing Your Own Make Up- Lip color!

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Creating your own lipstick or lip balm is super easy. If you have leftover lipstick you love but don’t want to throw away this is perfect. Even if you have a color that you don’t like- use it to make something better!

lipglossYou will need:

  • left over lipstick/lipbalm/chapstick
  • loose eye shadows (reds, pinks, blue…)
  • petroleum/beeswax/shea butter/coconut oil/chapstick
  • small metal container for mixing or the mixture itself (ex: old lip balm tin)
  • candle and lighter (lighter not pictured)
  • wide tweezer for holding
  • toothpick for mixing
  • paper towels/newspaper for a clean mixing station (also not pictured)

As a subscriber to Ipsy and Birchbox (a monthly make up subscription)  I get a lot of lip stuff that I don’t like so what do I do? I save them and re-color it. Save the containers too because you can put it right back in that container (for the most part). If you sharpen your lip pencils- take the leftover shaving and toss it in the mix.

So taking all of your materials and combine them in your metal container-DO NOT use a plastic container it WILL melt.

Tip: add loose or fine eyeshadow to change the color of your lip product(s). If a lipstick is too soft add eyeshadow/beeswax to thicken it up. If you have Vaseline you can add that for more moisture and sheerness. There’s a lot of ways to change up the color- but once you have your final concoction- light your candle and use your tweezers to hold the container above the fire. Do not use your bare hands to hold this- it WILL burn you.


lipstickDIYDon’t let it get too close to the fire and keep moving the container to stir up the mixture. It won’t take long so when it’s melted- place it on a paper towel and use the toothpick to mix it up. Once its cooled down and you like the color- test it out. Continue the process until you have something you like.

finishesglossNext, have your container ready to pour in (make sure that the lipstick/lip balm/chapstick container is all the way down. Reheat your mixture and work fast pouring your mixture in because this will harden quickly. Wait until this is cool and place it in the freezer to fully harden (probably 10 minutes). You’re done! I put them in two containers since I made a lot.

Now you can have unlimited lip balm/chapstick in any color you want. Have fun and experiment!

Check out more fun make-up DIY below:

ccreamDIY2 finishedblush finishedcolors

♥ Jenny


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