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Mixing Your Own Make Up- Eyeshadow and Blush!

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Creating your own eyeshadow color or blush is easy.

You’ll need:

  • pigmented eyeshadows
  • sheer powder, baby powder, or cornstarch (for blush)
  • empty metal pans
  • empty eye shadow palette with pans (optional)
  • rubbing alcohol (any percentage)
  • toothpick for mixing
  • paper towels/newspaper for a clean mixing station

mBlfigGVHO4ERy02hqV5I1wI bought this empty palette on ebay that came with empty pans so you can create your own color palette in put in lipgloss, eyeshadow, concealer, and blush. The possibilities are endless.


I got a free eyeshadow palette that had over 100 colors so I de-potted all of the good ones for best pigment. Then I put them in the smaller palette to have a customized set.

Here’s what to do:


Start by laying down some newspapers so you don’t make a mess. Gently scrape/tap out the eyeshadow of color you want for pressed eyeshadow pans use a toothpick. When you think you have a nice color add a little rubbing alcohol and mix it up with a toothpick. The color will look darker but it will dry lighter. Let it dry completely before using it.

Tip: if you used too much rubbing alcohol use a paper towel and lightly touch the surface of the eyeshadow, this will soak up excess alcohol. You can also use the paper towel (a dry one) to press down the eyeshadow/blush when its damp (it’ll also dry faster too).


If you make blush add some sheer finishing powder to lighten up the eyeshadow so that you get a smoother blendable coverage. Add blue to red/pink eyeshadow to get a nice berry color for the fall/winter. I made a highlighting blush with light and dark pinks. The more shimmer the more your cheeks will glow.

There you have it, easy solution to making the colors you want. If you have a big eyeshadow palette- you can make anything.

Quick tutorial for more make up DIY:

  • Concealer: use a matte skin tone eyeshadow with moisturizer cream (you can use it as an eye brightener too)
  • Blush: shimmery/matte eyeshadows with sheer powder
  • Highlighter: white shimmery eyeshadow and swirl to evenly distribute the color using a fluffy brush
  • Lip gloss: eyeshadow and anything with a petroleum-base
  • Nail polish: mix with top coat or add eyeshadow to thicken up an old nail polish color, use thinner for thick polish
Thanks for reading! If you haven’t already check out my other Mixing Your Own Make Up tutorials below.
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