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Mixing Your Own Make Up- BB Cream & CC Cream!

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Creating your own make up cream is easier than you think.

cccreamYou’ll need:

  • a small container to hold your newly mixed BB/CC cream
  • concealer(s) that matches your skin tone
  • your favorite moisturizer
  • any serum(s) and essential oils that fits your needs
  • primer/sealer
  • anything with SPF but I wouldn’t recommend a spray (this could already be in any of the previous ingredients)
  • toothpick for mixing

samplessYou can get free samples from Sephora or Origins and use the empty containers when you’re done. If you have those foil sample packets- this would be a perfect opportunity to use them. No more wasted samples- YAY!

The reason why I chose to create my own CC cream is because I’ve tried so many different BB creams and CC creams, I literally can’t find a perfect shade for my face or they just don’t really give me the coverage or texture I want. Since my face is complicated- creating my own concoction gives me the right consistency I need. I can add as much moisturizer I need and still get that coverage I want.

The difference between BB creams and CC creams is the amount of benefits in it. Basic BB creams have moisturizer, a light foundation color, and SPF. CC creams have the same thing but with serums and oils that help improve your skin over time. These creams are really for lazy (or busy) people who don’t want to actually go through each product one at a time (even though it works better doing it step by step).

There’s no right way to know how much of something you need but the general rule is make small batches so you can find the right combination for a bigger batch. But a general tip: you only need a couple of drops for serums and oils since they are concentrated stuff.

DSC04767When I create my “CC cream” I use my favorite moisturizer- Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ this newly developed lotion has more strengthening moisture power for extra dry skin. One pump does the job. Next I need a good concealer that matches my skin tone- again you don’t need much but if you need extra coverage just add more. You can mix two shades to get the right color. Based on your needs different oils help your skin… if you already use a daily serum go ahead and add 2-3 drops into your mixture. I used 2 drops of Tarte Maracuja Oil (which adds even more moisture lock power) and 1 drop of Argon Oil (because it helps with my acne, wrinkles, and of course more moisture). All we need now is primer and SPF, if your mixture doesn’t already have SPF find a powder/lotion that has SPF- I used e.l.f. Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection to thicken it a little and for primer you can use a pump of your favorite primer or use a make up sealer like e.l.f. Studio Makeup Lock & Seal (you only need a few drops) this will prevent any fading or smearing of the make up. Mix everything up real good- I used a toothpick. At this point you should have a good amount of cream. Test a small amount on your jaw line near the neck and blend until it matches your neck. If it blends in well apply to your entire face and see how it looks and feels. You want it to match with the rest of you body… no one wants a different colored face!


  • Keep in mind that the typical CC cream is sheer in coverage so apply in THIN layers.
  • Using a foundation brush or sponge- dab a little cream evenly all over your face (focusing more on blemishes) in a dabbing motion (it’ll help you use less make up and get faster coverage) and pat it until it blends into your skin.
  • Make sure each layer is dried before you continue, apply to areas that need more coverage if needed.

There’s lots of ways to put on make up and you really do need to experiment because no one is exactly the same. If you have a lot of problematic areas like dry nose, oily t-zone and cheeks, and acne somewhere else- try using different primers made just for dry areas like the Smashbox hydrating primer and using the blemish primer for acne and so on and so forth. You can put on concealer to cover up dark circles and blemishes before/after your CC cream so that you won’t need more than one coat of CC cream.

ccreamDIY2I need a very “liquidy cream” because my skin soaks up all the moisture pretty fast and because it gets dry in certain areas. I don’t use a sheer powder to lock my make up in place because it dries up my face quicker and my make up looks cakey when I do. If you have the same issue use the e.l.f. Studio Makeup Lock & Seal instead of primer. Usually dry skin do not need primer but if you have a lot of pores- primer will help smooth it out. Oily skin need primer because this will give your make up a good base to stay on. If it doesn’t stay on- try applying the primer alone first then the CC cream. Make sure its a thin dried layer of primer and remember a little goes a long way.
So there you have it- our own CC cream. If you don’t need serums/oils you got yourself a BB cream.

Like making your own make-up? Read how to make your own lip color, eye color or blush by clicking below!

finishesgloss finishedcolors finishedblush

Feel free to ask any questions, I’m here for you!

♥ Jenny

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