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logoMy latest obsession has been affordable make-up which lead me to e.l.f. Cosmetics. At a first glance you might think, “Wow, this is really cheap it must be low quality stuff” but you know what? Not EVERYTHING is “low quality”. The key is to read the ingredients and understand what goes in it, read the reviews and actually testing it out. You won’t know how well it works (for you) until you try it out. Their products range from $1-$75 which include a huge set. They have deals everyday so if you see a sale 50% off of more- jump on that sale because it doesn’t get better than that. The first time you order from e.l.f. you can use 50% off coupon codes for the studio line or the mineral line (but not for both). 

There are four current lines- “essential”, “studio”, “mineral”, and “crystal”. They all target different budgets (even though its already inexpensive).

2119_luscious-liquid-lipstick_deptimgThe essential line is around $1-$15 this is the basic ingredients with little or no embellishment. I haven’t tried all of the essential line but I really like their lip gloss pens the ones you twist on the bottom and lip gloss comes out… this reminds me of my childhood so it makes me happy! I don’t get why we spend so much money on expensive name brands when you can be the equivalent product for a dollar! It might be less product but seriously- you can get more colors and still pay like 10 times less. I used the e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick and it surprising lasts after drinking and eating. The first time I used it I felt a minty tingling sensation but I don’t even notice it anymore. You could also judge by the ratings but be careful when you look at new products with little reviews- it could be great for some and horrible for others.


Their essential eyeshadow brushes are pretty good for $1 but stay away from any red-haired brush… they are harsh on your skin and they shed like crazy. The yellow-colored brushes can be a bit stiff too so I would only use them for thicker mediums like a mask or something.

2567_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg71605_deptImgAnother great product that MAC users love is the $1 custom palette. It has 4 empty palettes and an eyeshadow sponge applicator for on-the-go palettes. I love this because I actually took it apart and now I can fit more than 10 eye shadow palettes (from the huge 100+ eye shadow palettes) in one small compact case. There will be a post about that.

I’ve been feeling creative lately with all my free time so I created my own eye shadow palette and some blushes. 😉 I’ll also post about that too. I love upcycling make-up. Especially when you have no money you can save by buying in bulk and reuse multiple things into a new product. Let’s face it, it’s way easier to buy the stuff we need but it’s so much cheaper and smarter to make it yourself. For example, tinted moisturizer is made out of foundation and moisturizer! CC creams- same concept but with essential oils, serum, primer, and SPF. You probably have all of these thing already so you can make it to how you want it. I can also do a post on creating your own make up… soon.

I would tell you more about the essential line but I’m still waiting on my order to arrive. So you’ll hear more about lip products, face embellishments, and other goodies.

51288_1803_deptImg.jpg._deptImgThe studio line has prettier packaging, more sophisticated ingredients and a lot of color options- they cost from $3-$75. They have great stuff at a great price. The brushes are amazing- I stock up every time I order from the site. There’s even a coupon code you can use (only for new emails) for 50% off! So studio brushes are only $1.50-$3.00! Name brands charge like $20-40! It’s crazy how much we spend on make-up and tools. If you are new to make up I suggest you start here and experiment with cheaper products and work your way up because it could save you money knowing that you can use something that costs $6 instead of $40. There’s so many products I couldn’t possible talk about them in one post (but I’ll do my best).

81151_creameyeliner_mainimg_deptImg7501.180_deptImg.jpg._deptImg71605_deptImgThe gel eyeliners are to die for- not literally but they are amazingly pigmented and is so easy to use. The eyeshadows kind of vary- some are good (shimmery ones are the best) but you have to try it to see if you works for your skin. Using primer (from the essential line) will help bring out the colors. The key is to let the primer dry before you put on more stuff- I think that is the biggest mistake people make when they say it doesn’t work. You need to at least read the instructions first.

83405_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg 83401_180_deptImg.jpg._deptImgThe studio line had new products every now and then so it’s hard to try everything. I really want the e.l.f. Studio Poreless Face Primer but I already bought 3 of the mineral infused primers… along with another primer from bh cosmetics and samples from smashbox and sephora… you get the idea. But seriously, I still see my pores using these primers so maybe I should buy it… Once e.l.f. comes out with more new products and there’s a good sale I’ll collect more primers lol.

83138_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImgSo more great stuff from the studio line would be their blush! They are highly pigmented and some actually are really close to Nars and MAC blushes. Honestly, if you live in NYC you should visit their store- you can test stuff out and save the money buying several different colors of each thing. Once you find the product you like- you’ll get all the colors! With the price they have you can get all the colors you want and it’ll end up the same price as one name brand stuff.

6807_180px_deptImg.jpg._deptImgThe mineral line is the best because it is completely natural and has no harmful chemicals. It’s more expensive than any of the products but its still a lot cheaper than other mineral make up ranging from $3-$50. I ordered more stuff from this line (and its still not here yet) but I can tell you that I have no issues with the mineral products I bought before. My skin has really cleared up but its not totally just by using mineral products. They can only help so much, you need to think about what you eat and how good your hygiene routine is. They have this e.l.f. Mineral Blemish Kit that I use at night to help with excess oily cheeks (where my acne seems to form most).

You need to know how your face react to certain things- maybe it’ll be easier if you kept a journal of what you did during the day, things you ate and when you washed your face and whatever else would effect your body to see what works and doesn’t. It took me a long time to understand my skin and I’m still learning. I noticed that it changes dramatically every couple of days when I use one product for a few days so for me I need to know when I need to use the acne face wash one day or something less aggressive. Taking a break from one product might help my skin heal faster, things like that. My face is complicated and yours might not be but when you get older-your skin gets more complicated.


The last line- crystal is a little effy for me… it use to be called gem but I think they changed the look since everyone hated them… maybe they still hate them but I haven’t tried them yet for myself. The reviews are not positive from what I read but then again they do update and change the line when they don’t sell.


Another way to shop or find out about e.l.f. is by buying the Beauty Bundle Box. You pay $20 every 2 months for a box worth over $40. I didn’t sign up because I already bought so much so most of the stuff will be repeats. You can upgrade to paying for multiple boxes for a deeper discount or just see if you like the first box and go from there.

14003_072013BeautyBundle_deptImg.jpg._deptImgI want to do a post where I compare e.l.f. with other brands for quality purposes. It would be interesting to see how much money you spend on quality stuff vs. cheaper stuff and the quality of that.

My tip for buying from anything on e.l.f. is to read the ingredient for things without parabens (found in breast cancer) and read through some of the reviews. Parabens are used to preserve make up and traces of it are found in breast cancer so if that runs in your family- definitely be careful buying make-up with those ingredients.

But yeah, experiment and have fun! I love the natural beauty but it’s fun to play too!

Now for coupons code that will make you jump for joy (you can only use one code for each new email):

  • EC5Mf2: 50% off all mineral line
  • ECS50F: 50% off all studio line

So to recap on future posts:

  • Reviews of e.l.f. Products vs. Name Brands
  • How to Create Your Own Make Up Tutorial
  • Reviews on e.l.f. Products- Love or Hate Em

If you want me to blog about something else- let me know in the comments below.

♥ Jenny

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